As a member of the State Board of Education, I believe it is time for innovative, transformational change in public education. For far too long we have settled for the status quo of mediocre education. It is time for North Carolina to take the lead in the way teachers teach and the way students learn and perform…

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As a member of the North Carolina Economic Development Board, I am proud of the comprehensive strategic plan published by the board. But, I am more proud of North Carolina’s growth over the past few years. Since Republicans took charge in North Carolina, we have seen unemployment drop…

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Energy and Environment

As Chairman of The Energy Policy Council, I am committed to working with the Governor and General Assembly to ensure that all North Carolina citizens  enjoy low-cost, clean, reliable, and abundant energy for many years to come.  The policy decisions made in the 1960s and 1970s are a big reason…

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When I was sworn in as Lieutenant Governor, I place my hand on the Bible and swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States and of North Carolina. I take this Oath very seriously; therefore, I believe it is imperative that we continue to fight to maintain the proper separation of powers within government….

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Fast Facts

Since this new administration has taken office, North Carolina has accomplished the following milestones…


  • 300,000 new jobs created
  • Job growth rate is 6th highest in the country
  • GDP growth of 15.8% compared to 11.5% for the United States
  • Per capita income growth 15% larger than the rest of the country
  • 44% reduction in our unemployment rate, from the 8.7% rate we inherited, to the 4.9% rate we have today.
  • Maintained state’s AAA bond rating while paying off over $1 Billion of the state’s bond obligation debt
  • Cut the income tax rate so you keep more money in every paycheck
  • Cut the corporate tax rate so businesses want to invest more in North Carolina
  • Went from being ranked 44th to 15th best state for business tax climate by the Tax Foundation
  • Cut and capped the fuel tax so you pay less at the pump
  • Eliminated the state inheritance tax, so you can pass along your family farm or small business to the next generation
  • Paid off North Carolina’s Unemployment Trust Fund debt of $2.8 Billion (that we inherited) and replaced it with a $1.2 Billion surplus
  • Setting aside $1.1 Billion in a rainy day fund for the state
  • Fixed Medicaid overspending and went from $2 billion in cost overruns to $130 million cash surplus
  • Site Selection Magazines #1 Most Competitive State
  • Forbes Magazine’s #2 state for Business and Career Climate
  • Chief Executive Magazine’s #3 for Business
  • CNBC’s 5th Best State for Business
  • Ernst and Young’s 3rd Lowest State and Local Tax Burden on Business


  • Lifted the pay freeze on teachers enacted by the previous administration
  • Raised starting teacher pay from $30,000/annually to $35,000 annually
  • Raised average teacher pay to almost $55,000 annually by 2019
  • Gave the largest teacher pay raise in state history, averaging 20% per teacher by 2019
  • North Carolina is 7th in the nation for state level funding of education, spending 20% more on education than the national average
  • Allocated $30 million over the next two years to Community College Presidents to be used on giving community college instructors their first pay raise in years
  • Repealed Common Core from General Statute
  • Decreased the cost of a 4 year bachelor’s degree by nearly 40% through an articulation agreement that guarantees certain community college credits will transfer into the UNC system.
  • Created the virtual charter school pilot program (first in state history) to allow more student/parent access to choice in public school education
  • Lifted the cap on public charter schools thereby giving parents more choice options in public education
  • Currently wiring every classroom with high speed broadband internet. North Carolina will accomplish this goal by next school year, enabling every child to use one-to-one electronic devices, have world class approved quality content, and personalized instruction from the best teachers in state.
  • Now offer a $1,000 per year tuition for students at several UNC System Universities from the mountains to the coast, ensuring all North Carolinians have an affordable option to higher education.
  • Increased k-12 education funding by over $512 million over the 2016-17 budget year.  We now spend $2 billion more in K-12 education than was spent by the previous administration’s last year in office.
  • Shrank class sizes by providing funding to hire 450 new first grade teachers, which ensures that for Kindergarten through 3rd grade, classrooms will have one teacher for every 17 kids.

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