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Create Equality In The Classroom for All Students

Supported lifting the previous administration's freeze on teacher pay

This resulted in one of the largest teacher pay increases in state history (average 7% increase).

Supported raising starter teacher pay

Pay was raised by $5000 per teacher.

Created the North Carolina Education Endowment Fund

This fund rewards high-performing teachers with bonuses.

Supported the creation of “Opportunity Scholarships”

These scholarships help the neediest children go to the school of their choice, regardless of the cost or their economic background.

Supported the creation of the 2 + 2 Plan

Also known as the Articulation Agreement between North Carolina Community College System and the UNC School System. This guarantees certain community college credits transfer into the UNC System, decreasing the cost of a 4-year degree by 40%.

Chairing committee leading the effort to bring the latest technology to every classroom

His goal is to wire every classroom with high speed internet and issue digital devices to every child. Dan believes that this will finally bridge the socio-economic gap in classrooms.

Protect Our Values


Supports traditional marriage

Dan believes that marriage should be between one man and one woman.


Fights against illegal immigration

American jobs should to go Americans first.


Defends the lives of unborn children

Dan has always been Pro-Life, fighting to protect innocent children who can’t protect themselves.

Increase Economic Opportunity In NC

Supported economic policies that led to the following:

  • Unemployment rate cut by 34%
  • Per capita income growth 15% larger than the national average
  • Created 215,000 new jobs

Supported cutting the individual income tax rate

You keep more money in your paycheck.

Supported cutting & capping the fuel tax

You pay less at the pump.

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