On the road with

Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest

November 2015



Operation Coming Home

On October 27, 2015 Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest joined Operation Coming Home and the community of Wake Forest in welcoming combat veteran Sgt. Kyle Snyder and his family to their new home.

“The ceremony that Operation Coming Home put on encapsulated everything that is great about America, and shows why our country is exceptional.”

View Lt. Governor Forest’s video of the homecoming here.


Lt. Governor Forest Confronts Media on Education Facts

Many news outlets erroneously claim that 14.8% of “teachers left the profession” this past school year. Upon the release of the NC Department of Public Instructions’ “Annual Report on Teachers Leaving the Profession” document in early October, Lieutenant Governor Forest decided to take a closer look at the facts.

To view Lt. Governor Forest’s video, click the following link.




 North Carolina Protects the Unborn

In an effort to eliminate the sale of unborn children body parts, the 2015 General Assembly passed House Bill 297. This legislation was later signed by Governor McCrory and made into law. Lieutenant Governor Forest released the following statement in support of this legislation:

“I applaud the efforts of many members of our General Assembly for putting forth House Bill 297. This bill will make it a criminal offense to sell body parts of aborted children and will make sure that no taxpayer dollars go to organizations that perform abortions. We have been outraged and heartbroken by the videos showing the systematic selling of the body parts of unborn children. Today, I stand with these General Assembly members and say ‘not here, not in North Carolina, and certainly not with our taxpayers’ money.’”


Pictures from Around the State

Nov_NL_3 Nov_NL_4 Nov_NL_5






PINEHURST: Big thanks to Wanda & George Little for opening their home for a reception for Dan’s re-election campaign (left)

DALLAS: where else can you get feed, seed, oil and fish bait? We love Gaston County! (middle)

CONCORD: Benham Brothers and Dan in their office in Concord. You might recognize the background if you saw the movie “War Room” (right)

Nov_NL_6 Nov_NL_7 Nov_NL_8








LOWELL: Nippers Antique Store in Lowell, NC (left)

RANDLEMAN: Lt. Governor Forest with the King at the Richard Petty Fish Fry (middle)

BESSEMER CITY: Old school drive-in movie lot, now abandoned in Bessemer City (right)


In the News

➔ During the month of October, Lt. Governor Forest sat down for a Q&A with AP reporter Gary Robertson.

➔ Following Lt. Governor Forest’s Teachers in North Carolina video, EdNC wrote an article analyzing the facts about education in North Carolina.

➔ North Carolina was named, by Forbes Magazine, the #2 state for business and careers in 2015.

➔ EdNC interviewed the Forest family about their decision to homeschool their children.


Upcoming Events


Reception Honoring Lt. Governor Forest
Tuesday, December 1st

6:00 P.M.

For more information, contact Heather Whillier at heather@danforest.com


Reception Honoring Lt. Governor Forest
Wednesday, December 2nd

6:00 P.M.

For more information, contact Heather Whillier at heather@danforest.com


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