“Equal opportunity for excellent education is fundamental for strong public schools and new advances in technology will help bridge the opportunity gap for the first time in history. I believe North Carolina will be the first state in the nation to have every classroom connected to high-speed internet and have 1-to-1 devices in the hands of every student, allowing the poorest students in the far reaches of rural North Carolina to have the same opportunity for access as our students in wealthier urban areas.”

About Dan Forest




Dan Forest is only the second Republican Lieutenant Governor to be elected in North Carolina, and after the 2016 election became the first Republican in his state’s history to be re-elected to office. A father of four, he and his wife, Alice, reside in Raleigh. After receiving two degrees from the University of North Carolina Charlotte (UNCC), Dan became a leader in the business community for over 20 years, having served as Office President and Senior Partner of the state’s largest architectural firm – Little Diversified Architectural Consulting. Dan has been designated as an Architect Emeritus.

As Lieutenant Governor, Dan serves as the President of the North Carolina Senate and serves as a voting member of the State Board of Education, and the State Board of Community Colleges. On the State Board of Education he is the Chairman of the Special Committee on Digital Technology at the State Board of Education, which is tasked with the implementation of the state-wide digital technology plan. He is also a member of the NC Advisory Commission on Military Affairs, the chair of the Energy Policy Council, and Food Manufacturing Task Force.

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